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I have been in the Swimming Pool & Spa Industry since 1989. I owned and operated a pool service and repair company for 5+ years, spent 7 years in pool remodeling and worked as a sales rep for Hayward Pool Products and BioLab/BioGuard. I have been a service manager for a large pool/spa maintenance company. I taught CPO classes for FPSIE in Sacramento, CA before venturing out as an independent CPO Instructor.

In the class presentation, I incorporate my field experience, manufacturer’s “insider” stories along with information from the countless training seminars I have attended over the years.  I also encourage students to share their stories to give practical application to the subjects in the book. 

Typically my classes have a range of students from absolute beginners (less than one month’s experience) to some with more than 20 years (or more!) in the business. But no matter how much experience anyone in the room has – including me !! – there is always something new to learn. 

The Pool Industry is and has been changing – and the pace is increasing. In these tough economic times, every technician should pursue as much education as he or she can in order to have the competitive edge to get the job(s).  Now is the time to collect the proverbial notches in your belt and get your CPO Certification!! 

I look forward to seeing you in my class!!

Kristen MacDowell

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